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Our first Golden, Enoch, came into our lives in 1977.   Shortly thereafter, Mark also joined the family.  Mark was shown in the breed ring for a little while.  He gained 5 points, all owner handled, but then family and children, and work related moves, put all that onto a back burner. Both Enoch and Mark lived long lives as loved members of the family. 
 When our youngest started kindergarten, it was time for a puppy. Tyler came home!  Tyler didnt quite work out in the breed ring, but he so loved obedience training. And so did I. Tyler earned his CDX and was trained for Utility, when a health issue demanded that he no longer be trained or shown.
 Turner was a long awaited new hopeful. And he was, and is , such a wonderful dog in so many ways. He was our very first Champion. Our first Utility dog. Our first Golden that earned his WC and Versatility award. Turner was also my daughter, Katie's, JS dog. They qualified for Westminster every year they showed. And what an experience Westminster was for BOTH of them!   Kate also showed Turner in the breed ring, and finished him.  Children grow and interests change, but the relationship that is built with your dog, while training in obedience, why that is a wonderful long lasting thing!
Garrett was the next wonderful boy to join the family. He also loved playing with Kate in Juniors, but he didnt like the field work at all. But he did love obedience, and was our first UDX earned in only 7 weekends. He also loved agility, and was our first NAP.  And our first Rally dog, earning his RE  in short order. 
  Dylan came home when Garr was 18 mos old, and they trained together. What can i say about Dylan?  He is my heart dog,  my best friend, my kindred spirit.  His titles are many, but most importantly, he is love. When Dylan came home as a baby at 8 weeks, he immediately started playing in Rally. At that time- Rally was something the AKC was thinking about. When we started in obedience- rally was put on a back burner, and we didnt play again until after Dylan had earned his OTCH!  I truly believe that the early Rally training , helped Dylly to become the great dog that he is! He learned at a very young age that training with mommy is fun!
 Ziggy is a free spirit, brilliant, loveable, opinionated, at times- annoying.  He was our first TD. We took a great seminar with Diane and  Dutch Schultz- and a love for tracking was born.
Henry, is the most loveable, sweetest boy in the world. A regular love muffin. He is a blast to train- he has so much enthusiasm.  Henry makes me laugh, every single day!
Micah Moo, micah -roni, is our newest boy. He is beautiful, a smoosh, a typical sweet golden boy in so many ways. He is currently training in Tracking, Rally,and Obedience. And may someday even play in the breed ring. Someday....  
Today,  Softwinds focus is on Obedience training. Henry is working on his UD. The younger boys all track. Zig and Henry have their TD's and Micah moo earned his TD at the TCOCF test on Nov. 2, 2008.  They all train in Rally, and all of the boys have some kind of Rally title.  In addition, Zig is happily training in agility. He loves agility!  Its right up his alley- exciting, and lots of jumping!  Micah has recently also started to play in agility, and he is not only fun to work with- he seems to enjoy it. Henry has also just started some field work. He loves the water, but NOT the plastic dummies.  Everyone is happily training in some sport, or several sports, at some level.
Performance is Golden at Softwind.



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