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SMOKE and Lynn have earned their ASCA OTCH!  You go, Smoke!!
ZIGGY has been doing really well in agility.  He has completed his agility excellent title, and is now working on his MX.  
Henry recently earned a HIGH IN TRIAL and  HIGH Combined, at the Gainesville trials in  late January.
The very best news to announce is that U-CH Botrina N Equinox Imagine That CD RE  (Remi) earned her TRACKING dog title in December.  Gail and Remi have worked hard and smart,and make a beautiful team. We are so very proud of you both!!!pix on Tracking page
The Mid Florida Golden Retriever club recently named their annual awards winners.  Ziggy won Agility dog of the year, and Henry was named Obedience dog of the year. In addition,  Micahs little brother Max, was named Tracking dog of the year.  Kathy F's beautiful boy Brogan was named Conformation dog of the year, and Zigs bros Fish and Jag were named respectively, Field dog and Versatility dog of the year.  Lots of relatives had a great 2009!
Henry has been doing well in obedience, earning placements and OTCH points. Henry is getting a little break through the holidays.
Ziggy has been hard at "fun" in agility lately!  He has completed his  NAJ, NAP, NFP, and his  OAP, & OJP .  On to Excellent!
Sad, sad news.....   The grand old gentleman , Turner, went to his daddy and his human sister, and his doggy friends yesterday. Turner was 14 1/2 years old, a gentleman to the end. He is very, much missed and mourned.  :(
Dear friend, Lynn and super dog Smoke, completeted their UDX on August 2, 2009 at the Indian River trials.  YOU go !  Lynn and Smoke!
Henry earned his first UDX leg at the Daytona trials.  His scores were very  respectable for a "green", golden boy.
Over this last weekend, 5/8,9,10, Zig and mom were entered in the Indian River Agility trials. It was a fun weekend. The courses were very nice but it was also extremely HOT!  Ziggy ended up titling in Novice Fast, with a 3rd place. He also earned an Open Standard and an Open JJWW leg. BOTH with 1st places.  Way to go- ZIGGY!!!
This past weekend (4/2,3,5) Ziggy and mom played in agility at the very nice Palm Bay Agility Club trials.  Zig earned 2 legs in the nov FAST classes with 2 1st places, and also his first open standard (preferred), and open jww (preferred) legs with 2 first places. What FUN!!!!  Great job- Zigman!
HENRY  earned his UD title today , Feb 20, 2009  !!!   Good boy, sweetie!
A few weeks ago, young Micah was lucky enough to make the draw and get into his first TDX tracking test.  I almost didnt put this on here, because we did not pass. But after a lot of  thought i decided too.  Micah did an awesome job.  He was wonderful and i am so proud of him.  Mom hit a hole, and when i caught myself, Micah felt a tug on his tracking lead.  He probably thought he was wrong when he was actually ok.  He took the cross tracks- but he was so close.   We will keep training and hopefully will get the chance to try again.   This boy can track- he NEEDS a better handler! 
On Jan 31, Gail  Standiford, and her  young, Doberman bitch, Remi, stole away, and surprised me, by getting CERTIFIED for her TD!   What a wonderful surprise!  I am so happy and proud of both of them!  And on Feb 20, Remi earned her RN! Remi has since earned 2 legs with placements on her RA!
News is not always good. And we are extremely sad to report the loss of Micahs' mom, Ziggy's litter sister, Frankie. Deauxquest Oh What a Knight VCD2,CDX,AXJ,OA,OF, was lost on Jan 14, 2009.  A hideous disease, acute cirrohsis of the liver,  ended her life way too soon.   Condolences to her family.   Frankie will be missed.
Ziggy competed in his first AKC trials this weekend.  I am so proud of him!   He Qed 5 out of 6 runs. Titled in Novice JWW, with 2 First places and a 4th place.  Qed in 2 standard runs with 2 First places.    It was a fantastic weekend spent with good friends. Brogan (Flaherty) Qed in Novice standard, bumped up to open and earned 2 open legs over the weekend. Micah's sister Hanna(Scott), had a fantastic run on Saturday, earned a Q and First place on a tough course, on an extremely tough and emotional weekend.   Frankie was very much present.........
Ziggy at Daytona Agility Trial    Photo by Gail Standiford
Henry retrieving his bumper on his third training day .  1/04/09
 photo by Gail Standiford
The weekend between Christmas and New Years was a "free" weekend for me and the boys.  HAHA.  On Friday, Zig and I traveled to a NADAC trial in Ocala, and earned 2 Q's . His second Q in Tunnelers(was a great course) , with a  First place, and a Q in Reg agility, with another First place. It was a LONG , HOT day, but also a fun one. Then on Saturday, Zig, Micah, and i  (and a few close friends) did some tracking. Another HOT day in December. We capped the weekend off, with Henry and some beginning field work. YES! Field work.  I dont believe that Henry has ever seen a large body of water, or even a pool.  But, thanks to Liz Mound, Henry was swimming by the end of his first water adventure. And bringing back the bumpers!  I was very pleasantly surprised!  You go Henry!!!  Thank you, LIZ!   It was a very nice weekend- for a "free" one!
WE are so thrilled to announce that Micah earned his TD today (Nov 2, 2008) at the Tracking Club of Central Florida TD test.  We have trained since Micah was a baby- and he truly enjoys it.  He follows in the footsteps of his big brothers, Ziggy and Henry, and his litter sister Darby!
Good buddy Camden, owned by Becky Nicholas, got to almost the very last turn before something drew him off. It was his very FIRST TD test and we are so proud of them!
Ziggy earned a Tunnelers leg at a NADAC agility trial in Ocala, Fl .  We also showed in several other classes, and though some of the runs were VERY nice, minor blips had the affect of no other Qs. But the days were fine, we had fun, and we "learned". Better luck next time around.  Becky and Flame had super runs, and in fact Flame earned High in Trial Veteran. Camden is gathering speed, had several FINE runs, and showed in Elite, Open and Novice classes.  All with placements. YOU GO FLAME  & CAMDEN!!!
Henry has earned 2 back to back UTILITY legs at the ODTC trials on Oct 4 & 5!
Ziggy and Henry are extremely proud to announce that their Dad- YOGI- was BOS at the GRCA National Specialty. Yogi is not only beautiful, he is also multi-talented.  We are delighted to be part of his  family.   Micah,  is a Yogi  grandson!
Yesterday, Ziggy and I tried our very first agility trial!  We  decided to enter a NADAC trial for our first time. And we had fun.  It was a night trial in Ocala, FL (also a first- as we were running around while we are usually snug in our beds at that time).  Zig had 3 runs, and we Qed in our first one with a 3rd place. Mom is a klutz and it was way past her bed time- so the next 2 runs were great "learning" experiences!!! But we came, we saw, and though we didnt conquer all the courses- we tried and we were a team.  And it was a beautiful evening!  Staurday evening came and we were in enveloped in a downpour. When it finally cleared, we were damp- to be sure- but the dogs sure did love the weather!  Zig ended up with another Novice Q (2 for the weekend) and 2- 3rd places, and also his First Jumpers Q, and with a 2nd place! We think we LIKE NADAC- and plan to play again in the future!
Flame Nicholas - our Border Collie buddy- Qed in 8 of 8 runs and won HIT Veteran.  Camden (Golden) Qed in 7 of 8 runs- titled in a bunch of NADAC classes(i am still learning them). So, it was a nice, relaxed, and FUN weekend. NO pressures!
Today, September 6, 2008, our dear friends and tracking partners , Becky Nicholas and Camden CERTIFIED!    Camden is Becky's first ever tracking dog,  and he did a wonderful job.  WE are SO PROUD of you both!!



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